Successful Senior Entrepreneur Pilot Project

Bay area residents over 50 who are entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs finished a 6-week pilot project on November 27, and participants were full of praise for the course, which was offered by the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED), in partnership with the SMB Community Enterprise Centre (CEC) and BoomersPlus, with funding from the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors.

Paul McGinn, senior manager of small business entrepreneurship development for CEED, and the program facilitator, says the pilot filled up with the maximum number of 10 qualified over-50s, from those just beginning to work on their business idea to those who are already seeing significant success as entrepreneurs, and are looking to increase their chances of long-term success. McGinn says entrepreneurs over 50 have a higher success rate than their younger counterparts, in part because they know themselves and have the experience and often financial and time resources to focus on their goals.

The connections made in Above the Median will continue. A post-program one-to-one mentorship program started its roll-out in early December, offered in partnership between CEED and BoomersPlus. And the CEC has arranged for program graduates to continue to meet monthly at the centre to support one another, share and brainstorm.

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