A place where people can share differing experiences and talents for mutual benefits.

01.Private sector

Being part of the CEC opens-up a whole host of business and networking opportunities, and gives you a chance to showcase exactly what you or your business has to offer.

02.Voluntary sector

If you are part of a voluntary organization and need somewhere to meet, a place where everyone can come together and call home, then the CEC is here for you.

03.Support sector

Sharing resources with all community enterprises and groups are fundamentals of the CEC, we strive to create a place where everyone will always be welcome.

It’s about creating a strong, more vibrant community, by bringing together everyone from both the private sector, voluntary sector and support sectors and it’s about creating a space unlike any other space that currently exists within the St. Margaret’s Bay area.


The St. Margaret’s Bay Community Enterprise Centre (SMBCEC) is a facility where local volunteer groups and business can come together to work and share in community projects, experience, resources and knowledge bases. A place for everyone to build on the drive to improve socio-economic conditions in the Bay area.

Choose from either of 3 membership plans or a drop-in option and see just how much you could gain from being part of this unique new experience.

It all started back in November 2014 after a very well attended ONE St. Margaret’s Bay community meeting, organized by the Stewardship Association, where it was agreed by various community groups and development agencies that there was a great need for such a resource.

That need was outlined and identified as somewhere for drop-in conversation, socialization and networking; a need for a permanent location for the Seniors Association and other not-for-profit members; a need to provide serviced office and meeting spaces, staffed by volunteers from the CEC partners; a need to create resources for social enterprises and entrepreneurs; a need for a space to deliver training programs for local volunteer groups and business; a need for somewhere that would help and facilitate with accessing funding and grant programs and somewhere that would also allow for the delivery of government services in the area.

And so the CEC was born.

Today after many years of planning, hard work and dedication by the CEC Board and Volunteers the CEC has finally come to fruition. But this is just the start, now we invite anyone who wishes to be part of the community and help build on what has already been created to get in touch with us either by email at or by calling us on 902 826 1680.

We look forward to a very successful future for the whole of the Bay area community.


If you would like to know more about the history and events that took
place in creating the SMBCEC simply use the download links below.