Third Sector Enhancement

The third sector includes organizations whose goals include some element of social benefit.

Our work is focused on bridging the gap between the third sector and the other sectors of society.

We believe that there are opportunities to be realized by maximizing the third sector and improving the relationship between it and the private and public sectors.


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What we do

We offer a number of different services to help bridge the gap between third sector organizations and other sectors of today’s economy.

Community/Public Engagement
Our democracy depends on an informed and participating citizen base. TSE provides a process to inform, engage, and cultivate citizens on issues and opportunities that are relevant to them. Objective feed back to politicians, policy makers, and program designers is essential for good public policy and decision making. Our process ensures that feedback is complete, unbiased, and timely.

Client/Staff/Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholders and clients have a special relationship with your organization. They have entrusted you and are expecting you to follow-through. Are they content with your performance? Did you meet their expectations? What can you, or your program, do better?

We can facilitate your staff, community, or public session so that you can participate or observe, and have an opportunity to really listen to what is being said.

Strategic Planning
A comprehensive strategic plan can be the foundation for any organization. We use our engagement practices and philosophy to work with you and your board, your staff, and your stakeholders, to develop and facilitate a strategic planning process that will create a clear and focused plan to guide your work for years to come.

Policy and Program Development
A comprehensive engagement program will ensure that you are have vital information related to the success of your organization.

Research and Analysis
We can provide research and analysis services to support your engagement activity, strategic planning process, etc.

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