We are delighted to welcome everyone to the CEC and look forward to a very prosperous future together.

We are pleased to work with our partners and to watch them work together and flourish in both our community and their own businesses. Below are the local organizations who have signed-up as CEC partners and are benefiting from their membership.

St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association

St. Margaret’s Bay Chamber of Commerce

The Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay

St. Margaret’s Bay Housing Coalition

Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust

Margaret’s Bay Rails to Trails Association

Bluewater Community Business Development Corporation

Centre for Entrepreneurial Education and Development

Third Sector Enhancement Ltd.

Bay Treasure Chest Association

Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre

Necessity Solutions Incorporated.


For you, for now and for the future

It is only through continued support and commitment that the CEC, its members and its clients, will prosper and grow, community is at the heart of everything the CEC does and now is your chance to really help make a difference.