There are many different advantages of becoming a member of the CEC. Not only can you benefit from having access to a whole host of local experiences and networking opportunities, but you also have somewhere local for meetings, presentations and training, dedicated offices spaces and somewhere that allows you to work in a spacious and welcoming environment.

Take a look at the different client plan options below and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions or would like to take out a plan.

And always remember that everyone is welcome at the CEC!


Frequently Asked Questions


Can my client plan and number of purchased hours be changed if I need to?

Yes, you can up-grade your plan at any time without penalty. You can also add extra contracted hours to your existing plan should you find you need to, all done at your cleint plan agreed hourly rate.


Is the Centre available for hire outside of working hours or on weekends?

Yes, the board/training room and meetings rooms may be rented for evenings (16.30-22.00) and on weekends (08.30-22.00).


Is there a place for me to keep files on site?

Yes, we offer either access to a lockable office and filing cabinet (Plan A), space for your own lockable filing cabinet (Plan B) or the option to negotiate rental space (Plan C).


What are the parking facilities at the Centre, and are they free for anyone to use?

Yes there is plenty of free parking space around the Centre in the Redmonds Plaza, we do however ask that you respect other people using the area too and only park here if you are actually using the Centre at the time.


Does the Centre have a receptionist to greet clients when they walk in?

Yes there is always someone on hand to welcome guests and clients, take care of all your printing and photocopying needs, and generally help out with anything that you need.


How can client plans be paid for?

The best way to pay for any of our plans or even as a drop-in cleint is by cheque and we accept post-dated cheques too.


If my company joins the CEC does that mean the whole company has use of the Centre?

Only those individual(s) specificed by the client will have access to the enclosed office space during the client’s contracted hours.


Can anyone use the Centre?

Yes everyone is welcome at the Centre, it is what we are all about – bringing people and communities together. There are 4 cleint plans to choose from with the option of renting the Centre for an additional cost should you need to.


Can I book the centre for extra hours on an ad-hoc basis?

Yes for all plans you can always book extra hours over and above your allowance should you need to at the rates outlined for each plan.